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What is Reformasi?
Permatang Pauh Declaration

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This is a chapter from his book The Asian Renaissance published in December 1996. "It is dangerous to allow the law to be thought of as something quite distinct from justice in the moral sense, or else it would be possible to blatantly commit injustices by purportedly lawful means. Our courts of law must, at the same time, be courts of justice. Their judgments must conform not only to strict legal requirements but also to the dictates of fairness and equity." (Click on the picture to buy the book)

INTERNAL SECURITY ACT, 1960   (Part 1) (Part 2)

Read for yourself the infamous ISA.

by Sabri Zain

"In less than a months' time, we have seen the due process of law abused, the ISA used to silence dissent, the use of the government machinery towards individual political ends, gross control and manipulation of the media and an erosion in the rakyat's confidence in the independence and integrity of the judiciary. Supporters of the Reformasi Movement must focus on these key issues."

"The International Movement for a Just World endorses the Permatang Pauh Declaration of 12 September 1998.
The principles of the Declaration are in accordance with our Movement's commitment to justice, freedom and equality. The Declaration emphasises the equitable distribution of wealth, the eradication of corruption and the abuse of power and the strengthening of democratic values."

But when a man who is a public figure is wronged before the whole world he must speak out more forcefully so that he is heard. For when a public figure is wronged, his office is also wronged. And if a court of law does not vindicate him, he may appeal against such a court. If there is no court to appeal to, he may not be silent: he must tell the world his story."
- Tun Salleh Abas, 1989
(Former Lord President and Chief Justice of Malaysia, sacked unceremoniously by the Prime Minister, Dr.M)

An excerpt from the booklet, "The Art of Islamic Government" based on a letter which was written by the Amir al Mu'minin, Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, from the collection of sayings entitled "Nahjul Balagha" (The Peak of Eloquence).


Betty Lim: The support and concern of the public in the form of their participation, thoughts and wishes give my family and I a lot of encouragement. We really appreciate what they have done. I just hope and pray that truth and justice will finally prevail so that Guan Eng can return home to us soon.


Anwar Online Second Edition
I Watch the Sparrows Fly by "Augustine Paul"
The Politics of Contempt by Rehman Rashid
The Million Dollar Wedding by M.G.G. Pillai
The Mattress Stain Evidence: What Does It Prove? (in Malay)
Why the "Black Eye Report" has not been released  (in Malay) [Translation]
Sabri Zain's Reformasi Diary
Wan Azizah launches ADIL (Movement for Social Justice)
The Trial of Anwar Ibrahim...Unanswered Questions
What An Incredibly Biased Judge
From: "Typhoon"
Date: 10 Dec 1998 12:03:13 GMT
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia

In just one session, this puppet Augustine Paul has shown just how biased
he is:

1. He reversed his earlier decision to allow impeachment of Azizan for
contradictory testimony. In fact, he himself should have impeached Azizan for perjury without needing the defence to launch an action. Can observers
forget that it was this "puppet-judge" who took it upon himself to sentence
Anwar's lawyer for contempt of court without even the prosecution asking
for it?

2.He allowed Azizan to retract his earlier retraction without batting an
eyelid. There are now contradictory testimonies on record but he still does
not impeach Azizan for perjury or allow the defence to impeach him.

3. He over-ruled defence objections and allowed Azizan to launch into a
pornographic story in court that was in no way related to the question at
hand but highly prejudicial to Anwar.

Augustine Paul does not even know how to run a kangaroo court convincingly. Have you got confidence in a "judge" who makes a ruling one day and reverses it the next? The natural implication is that some high-level
pressure must have been brought to bear on him last night.

This will go down in history as the most shameful show trial the country
has ever known.
Azizan denied  he was ever sodomized by Anwar            
Azizan's Change of Wind by *`~Diva Doo                               
Released ISA detainee Malek Hussin's Press Statement [English] [Malay]
Zainur gets 3 months from judge Paul, arrest warrant on Manjeet   
Anwar seeks to eject two prosecutors from his trial                      
Manjeet Singh Dhillon's Statutory Declaration
Manjeet's Letter to Mohtar Abdullah (12 October 1998)
Extract from Anwar's Affidavit read in court on 30 November 1998
Cry, The Beloved Country
The Lighter Side by Jasper            
(These stories would have been funnier if they had not been so close to the truth)
Malaysia Boleh: New System of Justice Announced
Mahathir receives accolades from leaders of the unfree world
MCA's New Symbol for the Next Millenium                          NEW
MCA Launches "No-Evils" Campaign                                   NEW
Malaysian Hopes of 2008 Olympics Receives Boost                           NEW
Tian Chua's Letter (Smuggled Out of Campbell Lock-up)               
Mahathir Regime is NOT Democratic by    
How Mahathir Destroyed the Malaysian Judiciary               
The facts in this summary are derived from the book "May Day for
Justice" by Tun Salleh Abas with K. Das, Magnus Book Kuala Lumpur, 1989.
Dr Munawar Anees recounts Torture
On Nov 7, he made a sworn statement about his ordeal
What do you say to Munawar's statement, Dr Noordin Sopiee?
Sukma Darmawan's Letter to Anwar:
"I had to invent  stories to avoid torture" (In Malay)
The Real Business for APEC (Asian Wall Street Journal article by Anwar Ibrahim) 
Full text of Al Gore's Remarks at APEC Business Summit, KL 16 November 1998
From the Halls of Power
to the Labyrinths of Incarceration
Anwar writes from Prison
"A no holds barred account of events leading to his sacking and subsequent ordeal during his illegal detention by the police, complete with an expose of the Machiavellian intrigue of Dictator Mahathir and his cronies."
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Diabolical Plan by Mahathir to Kill Anwar Aborted, says Anonymous Insider  
Anwar was to be killed on September 20 claim                                            
Anwar's 5th November message to Reformasi Movement (in Malay)                
Time Asia logo (3116 bytes) TIME Asia Cover Story 16 November 1998          Trial of the Century
Mohtar should be concerned about the long delay in police investigation into Anwar’s black-eye, says Lim Kit Siang (plus M.G.G. Pillai's comments)
The Anwar Trial [2 Nov] [3 Nov] [4 Nov] [5 Nov] [6 Nov] [9 Nov] [10 Nov]
[11 Nov] [12 Nov] [13 Nov]

For the regular daily reports of the Anwar trial please go to the Reformasi News website

Special Feature Sabri Zain waits for Justice outside historic courthouse
Articles and Opinions  Updated 15 Nov 98
Contributions by Ahmad Mahboob: Malaysia Isolated and The Silent Majority       NEW 
Dr Mahathir's 1969 Open Letter to PM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra (in Malay)           
The late Tunku on the Removal of Tun Salleh Abas (in 1988)         
Read the Dossier: Public Prosecutor v Anwar Ibrahim 
The Anwar Report at                               NEW
"We don't tell lies .... up to a point" Indictment of the Malaysian Media   
Food for Thought by Marina Yusof
Reformasi trio condemns police brutality [Original Statement] [English Translation]
Sabri Zain's Reports of Demonstrations [October 24] [Oct 17] [Oct 10]

REMINDER to ALL Malaysians: Be careful

John L. Esposito and John Voll ask Mahathir to stop spectacle of show trial
Statement from group of concerned Christians
Article by Rais Yatim on ISA abolition and Aziz Bari on Freedom of Speech
Cecil Rajendra's speech at Malaysian Bar EGM 
The "White Ribbon for Justice" Campaign
The Truth: What Dr. M really had in mind
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Anwar beaten up: Reactions
An Analysis by Chandra Muzaffar
Malaysia's Leader Betrays the Future
by Sam Nunn, Doug Paal and Paul Wolfowitz

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Permatang Pauh Declaration
Being conscious of the Quranic injunction which urges striving towards betterment;

And inspired by the Asian traditions, which all encourage renewal for the individual and for society;

And acknowledging that Malaysia is in the grip of a terrible crisis and requires recourse to its inner strengths in order to rise again,

We the citizens of Malaysia of all cultural and religious backgrounds are determined to launch a movement for comprehensive reform:

A reform movement shining with a light radiating from aspiring and pure hearts; from the awareness that man is truly noble and free, with rights and responsibilities, that it is a sacrilege to abuse and denigrate any man or woman, to bind and restrict any man or woman without following the due process of just laws;

A reform movement to establish justice for all, the weak and strong, the rich and poor, to preserve the institutions and processes of law from the defilement of graft and abuse of power;

A reform movement to sanctify the power of the people through democratic means, for democracy is an imperative: man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary;

A reform movement that champions economic justice, one that advocates fairness in economic growth and distribution so that the rich do not get richer at the expense of the poor, for the world has enough for everyone, but too little to satisfy everyone’s greed;

A reform movement to eradicate graft and abuse of power, to strip the opulent and greedy clique of their power to manipulate the market;

A reform movement to reinforce a dynamic cultural identity, where faith in our noble cultural traditions is intact, but there is openness to all that is good in all traditions;

A reform movement to launch the Malaysian nation into the information age and the borderless world, encouraging wisdom, self-assurance and openness towards a global friendship based on the principles of truth and justice.

We launch this reform movement as a peaceful movement, in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution and in observance of the principles of the rule of law.

The hour has come. Unite for Reformasi.

Permatang Pauh
12 September 1998