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15 Nov 1998

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Anwar’s Trial. What a Circus!!

Mahathir's Imaginary Mob Rule

Mahathir owes Malaysia, not the Reverse

The Hypocrisy of Judge Paul

Malaysia's Pants Down for Eyes of the World

Why Mahathir Must Go?

The Power of Prayer


15 Nov 1998 02:28:34 GMT
From: anti_madman@my-dejanews.com
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia


Isn’t it astonishing? In their effort to discredit one man, the government is willing to sacrifice the reputation and credibility of the entire police force.

They had set themselves up to a stage where they had no choice but to throw
even more dirt on themselves in order to stain another. If Anwar is to be found guilty of abusing his power by instructing the police to get retraction letters from his accusers, then several points must be established bearing in mind that the letters were successfully obtained.

1. The accusations must be assumed to be true, otherwise it would be within his right to get written retractions to protect himself.

2. If the accusations are supposedly true then the accusers must be of truthful
character who were forced to retract their accusations.

3. The more force and intimidation used on the accusers, the better the character of the accusers appear to be and the more genuine their accusations seems.

So this is the double edged sword the police have to wield. And what a mess
it has made of them. By the time the trial is over, the reputation of the police may be so severely castigated locally and internationally that it may be beyond repair. And the A-G will be hard pressed to explain why those responsible for criminal intimidation are not charged themselves.

At the end of the day, the dirt will stick on the police force but whether any will transfer on Anwar is debatable. For the contention has never been that Anwar knew, condone, sanction or order any illegal means to get the retractions.

Under ordinary circumstances, such charges would never be brought up. But
these are not ordinary times. In the headlong rush to find Anwar guilty of
something, the government is willing to cut its nose to spite its face.


15 Nov 1998 01:03:28 GMT
From: "Nostra" <cosa@nostra.com>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia


In most countries when elected leaders take office as prime minister or
president, they swear allegiance to the constitution of the country.

They swear that they will honor, uphold and protect the constitution of
the country to the best of their ability.

Then they thank the people of the country for electing them to the highest office. Most of all, they thank the people for giving them an oppurtunity to serve them and the country.

Yes, the people are thanked by the leader, for giving that oppurtunity to serve them.

Instead what do we have in Malaysia?
We have an arrogant prime minister who thinks that Malaysia and its people owe him everything. Including their freedom and liberty. They are branded as indolent and ungrateful.

He has amended the constitution to remove all checks and balances of
power, concentrated all powers onto himself and retained those laws like the ISA which helps him to suppress and silence all dissent against him. He is now a one man show, who thinks that Malaysia owes him a lot and hence he has a birthright to the throne.

One great thinker did say this about the need to have a fixed term in office for all politicians. The US and many other countries do not allow more than two fixed office terms.

"If you allow any leader to continue indefInitely in power, then he gets used to ordering the people and the people get used to obeying these orders meekly ".

4 Nov 1998 09:23:54 GMT
From: "Typhoon" <Typhoon1234@hotmail.com>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia


On Oct 5, at the pre-trial hearing at which Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was charged, Judge Paul was reported as saying that "I am not the only judge, but there are millions all over the world." and "justice must not only be done, but must be SEEN to be done." On that basis, he ruled that English should be the language used.

Then on the first day of trial he refused all foreign watchdogs observer status, saying that their presence was "an insult to the court." He also refused the Malaysian Bar Council's application to hold a watching brief and reminded the court that Bahasa is to be used.

This hypocritical turnaround, however, did not stop him from doing one better by saying that "justice must be heard as well" at the start of proceedings.

Judge Paul is not only tainted but, to the embarrassment of Mahathir, also unable to run a kangaroo court convincingly. He has obviously failed his acting credentials. His presence amounts to letting the pants of the Malaysian judiciary down for the eyes of the world.

Expect more buffoonery from this orang utan. Expect more hypocrisy.

1 Nov 1998 23:44:04 GMT
"Jasper" <jasper1567@hotmail.com>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia


Because he has created a regime that is more intolerant of dissent than either Marcos or Suharto, with a docile press, a tainted judiciary, liberal use of the ISA and a brutal police force.

Consider his proposal to bail out Renong to the tune of $10.5 Billion. Such a move would have a very major impact on the Malaysian economy. But where is the public debate? Where is the public scrutiny? Mahathir just announces the decison, the local media plays it up and the motion is carried. Is this what we call democracy?

Because there has been no PM who has used the ISA so frequently against his political opponents.

Because there has been no PM who has so transformed the local media into government propaganda tools. The way in which he used the servile media to smear DSAI was so disgusting that many Malaysians are already boycotting the local papers. Free elections are a farce when you have such a media.

Because there has been no PM who has so corrupted the judiciary. Both the Attorney-General and the Chief Justice are his lap-dogs and he has any number of corrupt judges to make decisions in his favour. And don't hold your breath over DSAI's trial. The verdict is a foregone conclusion. DSAI will be found guilty of all 10 charges using a battery of false witnesses
and a biased judge.

Because he has created instruments of state so terrifying that there is currently not a single political figure within his government who dares
utter a word against him no matter what he does. Anyone who sticks his head out is either sacked, forced to resign or arrested under the ISA whether they are politicans, UMNO officials, Bank Governors, newspaper editors or deputy PM.

Because he has left no room for public dissent. Peaceful demonstrators are beaten, kicked, arrested, tear-gassed, sprayed or sacked from the
Universities and the civil service.

Where differences of opinion are not even tolerated, it is not a government by an elected party or a government by Parliamemt. It is a government by one person. It is what we call a DICTATORSHIP!


15 Nov 1998 00:13:51 GMT
From: "Typhoon" <Typhoon123@hotmail.com>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia


As reported in the NST: "Former Attorney-General Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman said today the Malaysian judiciary had always been impartial even when it had to decide on cases involving the government.

Tan Sri Abu Talib ought to know. He was the AG who helped Mahathir remove
Tun Salleh Abas in 1988, an act which Tunku Abdul Rahman described as "the
most shocking story in modern legal and judicial history." The Tunku certainly made no bones about his disgust in his foreword to the book "May Day for Justice." Tunku wrote: "Episode after episode in the book shows the spiritual corruption, the cynicism, the moral turpitude, the viciousness and the horrible ruthlessness which attended the exercise of falsely accusing him, hastily putting him before a Tribunal of questionable character and quickly removing him from office." Abu Talib was the one who fabricated a long list of absurb charges against Tun Salleh. (For a summary of this shameful story, read posting by Chess in this newsgroup entitled "How Mahathir Destroyed the Judiciary.")

And now Abu Talib has once more come out of his rat hole to display exactly the same spiritual corruption, cynicism and moral turpitude as he did ten years ago.

Abu Talib, why don't you pray to Allah for forgiveness instead of sinning again?

15 Nov 1998 08:52:42 +1100
From: Timezone <Timezone123@hotmail.com>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia


Mahathir said, pro-Anwar demonstrators are trying to topple the government by mob rule so that Anwar does not have to face trial.

Isn't this laying it a bit thick? On one hand the demonstrators are dismissed as a small minority of a few hundred of no consequence but on the other hand they are imbued with the amazing ability to topple the government.

In Indonesia the demonstrations were far more widespread, bigger, uglier and more violent, yet the Indonesian government survived. Only the President resigned and that did not bring down the government.

Even if the demonstrations caused the Prime Minister to resign that still would not bring down the government. Is Mahathir confusing the government
with himself?

This is yet another example of making bodoh statements to the public with no respect for their intelligence. There are a few people who lap it all up, but not the majority who treat it as just another inane statement by a senile leader.

03 Nov 1998 08:46:32 +1100
From: Chess <Chess123@hotmail.com>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia


Mahathir seems prepared to pay any price to pursue his vendetta against
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, even to the extent of ruining the international reputation of the country irreparably.

Even before the current political crisis, Mahathir had already embarrassed the nation by his frequent abusive attacks against the West, screaming imaginary conspiracies nearly every day. (They want to see us fail ...; they are out to create chaos ... ) But those were nothing compared to the slime that he is now dragging the country through.

First the sacking of one of Asia's most respected leaders; Then the disgusting prostitutes/transvestites/sodomy charges trumpeted in the media; Then Anwar's arrest under the ISA; Anwars supporters purged from UMNO; Anwar's supporters arrested under the ISA; Anwar beaten unconscious, black eye shown to the world; Then police brutality against peaceful demonstrators; More verbal attacks against the West by the Dictator;
Verbal attacks against Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines;
And now the shameful kangaroo court played to a world audience.

This is the monster who blames demonstrators for ruining the country's
reputation overseas WHEN THERE IS NO SINGLE PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF MALAYSIA WHO HAS DONE MORE TO STRIP THE COUNTRY OF DIGNITY THAN HE HIMSELF. All these just to satisfy his cruelty and vindictiveness.

Even after he MAMPUS, how many decades will it take for us to wipe the mud from off our faces?

Malaysians who now travel overseas will be ashamed to admit where they come from.

2 Nov199801:54:59+0800
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia


Dr Mahathir once suggested that to all UMNO members or Malays who are concerned whether the allegations against Anwar were true or false, to "sembahyang hajat". [pray] When a journalist asked him what would happen if Anwar is innocent, he said, "....kalau dia betul, dia betul, kalau saya betul, saya betullah." [If he's in the right, then he's in the right, if I'm in the right, then I'm in the right] Very simple answer to what was supposed to be a complex question.

After that suggestion a lot of prayers have been conducted and the sembahyang hajat was even done way up north - South Thailand.

At that point, I was quite skeptical on who is right and who is wrong. But
things were getting clearer as the time passed by. For instance, the Munawar and Sukma case. Then the famous trip by Tun Ghafar to Indonesia. The IGP "you come to my room" remarks. And of course the "Black Eye" incident.

People were people supposed to talk about Anwar's wrongdoing. Instead, the whole world has expressed concern for Anwar.

Last Wednesday, Dr Mahathir said that the outcome of Anwar's trial would affect BN's performance in the polls. There would be problems for the Barisan government if Anwar was to be found innocent but no problem if Anwar was convicted.

Such a statement scares me ......Normally it should be the other way around.

The trial was supposed to be in English, according to judge Augustine Paul,  but he was overruled by the Chief Justice. Now it is to be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia.

For the next two weeks, all of us have to let Anwar's lawyers, the Public
Prosecutors and the Judge do their job. It is like going for a big football game. We have to let the players do their job.

All we can do is pray. I for one never underestimate the "Power of Prayer".