White Ribbon for Justice

The 'White Ribbon for Justice' campaign is an idea that came from a group of young, committed lawyers who were deeply troubled by the abuse of the rule of law in Malaysia in recent months. They approached the International Movement for a Just World to endorse their campaign. The Movement is honoured to be associated with the campaign especially since it is inspired by the idealism of the young.

The International Movement for a Just World urges all Malaysians and all friends of Malaysia to wear the white ribbon for justice. Wearing the ribbon now has special significance since the Anwar trial will begin soon, on 2 November 1998.

Why the white ribbon?
The white ribbon represents the universal principles of justice and fair treatment which are the cornerstones of a democratic and civil society.

PLEASE wear this ribbon as a symbol of the right of every Malaysian citizen to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by fair trial and of the principle that the rule of law should never be abused to intimidate, prevent or punish any Malaysian from exercising his right to free speech.
Please make your own white ribbons to distribute to all your friends.
Stand up for Justice! Wear the White Ribbon

International Movement for a Just World
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