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The three paragraphs from Anwar Ibrahim's affidavit read out in court Monday 30th November 1998

13. I am advised by one of my Counsel in my trial herein, that the evidence which Mr Manjeet Singh Dillon had sought to give in the Nallakaruppan trial is as stated in a Statutory Declaration which he affirmed on 9th November 1998, and is to the effect:

a)   that at a meeting he had at the Attorney-General's Chambers on 2nd October 1998 (when he had requested that the charge against Datuk Nallakaruppan be reduced to one which is not punishable with the death penalty), the aforesaid Datuk Abdul Gani Patail had indicated that he would consider the request if Datuk Nallakaruppan was prepared to co-operate with the Attorney-General's Chambers by falsely implicating me in the commission of sexual offences with various married and unmarried women;

b)   that present at this meeting was Mr Balwant Singh Sidhu, Co-Counsel for Datuk Nallakaruppan;

c)   that Encik Azhar bin Mohamed, another Senior Deputy Public Prosecutor subsequently made a similar demand as Datuk Abdul Gani Patail to Mr Manjeet Singh Dhillon;

d)   that an account of what had transpired at the meeting aforesaid had been set out in a letter which Mr Manjeet Singh Dhillon had sent to the Attorney-General dated 12 October 1998 to which he had yet to receive a reply from the Attorney-General.

Now produced and shown to me is the said Statutory Declaration of Mr Manjeet Singh Dhillon affirmed on 9th November 1998, herein marked Exhibit "DSAI-2".

16. Their conduct referred to above shows both Abdul Gani Patail and Azhar bin Mohamed to have abused their positions as officers of the Attorney-General's Chambers and as prosecutors in my trial herein, by going out of their way to get Datuk Nallakaruppan to fabricate evidence in order to prefer more charges against me for other alleged sexual offences.

18. Having shown themselves to be highly unprofessional in the performance of their duties and to be personally interested to secure my conviction by questionable means, their involvement in my trial herein has already raised grave doubts as to the integrity of the evidence which has so far been adduced by the prosecution.

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