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Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 00:28:22 -0800 (PST)
From: <*****@yahoo.com>
Subject: Anwar Was to be Killed on Sept 20th
To: izzakam@hotmail.com

Dear Webmaster,

I had been following the political development in our country very
closely and I attended every single ceramah and roadshow of our former

I became particularly more concerned as I heard about what was going
to happen way before Anwar was sacked on Sept 2nd. I happened to be
closely associated with former close friend of Mahathir -- Arwah Dato'
Wan Adli. Being so close to Dato Wan, led me to get to know Pak Ali (
Dato Mohd Ali -- Chief Security to Mahathir). Apparently what had
happened has been, if not 100%, as per planned.

On 20th Sept 1998, special squad from police's elite team was
assembled. The team members were actually not told where they were
going and who the culprit to be caught was. They were told " kita
akan pergi gempur tempat persembunyian pengganas dipinggir KL". They
were also ordered to open fire if there was any resistence from
"kumpulan pengganas".

The original plan was to really kill Anwar. Had the crowd at Anwar's
house tried to stop the arrest, many would have been killed and Anwar
too would have been shot dead. The police then would come up with a
statement saying they acted as self defence since the crowd tried to
stop the arrest. THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL PLAN ON 20th SEPTEMBER 1998.

But, Allah is Great. The crowd at Anwar's was calm!!!

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