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Sun, 29 Nov 1998 14:12:47 GMT
From: anti_madman@my-dejanews.com
Newsgroups: soc.culture.malaysia

The torture of Munawar and Sukma to extract false confessions to implicate Anwar on sodomy charges and the attempt by Nalla’s prosecutors to induce him to frame Anwar on sexual charges in exchange for a lighter sentence leaves no doubt in people’s minds that the charges against Anwar are baseless and politically motivated.

Anwar’s trial is a show trial of the kind we normally associate with Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein. That this could be happening in our country must come as a shock to many who thought all along that we live in a democracy. What was more revolting was the smear campaign, character assassination and the abuse of government machinery to propagate a conspiracy against the second man in the country. Now we are witnessing the abuse of the judiciary system led by a tainted Chief Justice in a show trial which Anwar cannot win.

Through it all, the mass media has shown that it is willing to serve as a tool of the government to further Mahathir’s aims and goals no matter how unjust and autocratic they are. Not only were they biased, they also actively publish falsehoods and joined in a vicious attack on the ex-DPM.

If this has happened in a truly democratic country, some ministers would have resigned in disgust. It now appears that the entire cabinet is self-serving and the ministers are only interested in protecting their rice bowls and their political positions. Indeed the yes men and sycophants try to out do each other in voicing support for the dictator. We have truly become a country in which conscience is buried under tons of self-interests, apathy
and corruption; where justice, rule or law and fair play have been eroded to the point where only a mockery of democracy exist.

For those who delight in criticising the West, the sworn statement by Munawar or the revelation of the evil intentions of the Attorney-General would have brought the government down or caused the head of state to resign in disgrace in any Western country. No country is perfect, but what is important is that there exists the machinery and political will to set things right should abuses and excesses occur. In Malaysia all checks and balances have been removed.

What has happened in the 17 years since Mahathir came into power? We should cry for our beloved country.

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