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Subject: Malaysian Hopes of 2008 Olympics Receives Boost
Date: 14 Dec 1998 05:03:10 GMT
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KUALA LUMPUR (New Shit Times) DEC 14 -- Malaysia's hopes of hosting the year 2008 Olympics were said to receive a major boost today with the revelation of bribery and vote buying among IOC delegates in past host city decisions. An estimated 5-7% of delegates were said to have solicited substantial bribes running into millions to vote for particular cities.

Malaysian officials are reported to be elated. Said one who does not wish to be named: "This is definitely one instance of Malaysia Boleh! Our government and UMNO have had such wide experience in vote buying that we are probably second to none in the world in terms of technique. It's not for nothing that Barisan National currently has 85% of parliamentary seats."

While some have expressed reservations that such huge amounts of cash would be available from the national coffers, others pointed out that the IOC decision would not be made until 2002. "And by then, our economy would have recovered sufficiently," said a confident observer. "Otherwise, we can always levy a special Olympic Bribe Tax on all Malaysian workers and companies."

Malaysia's success in organising the September Commonwealth Games has prompted it to seek the highest sporting trophy of all. Olympic officials, however, have been less than enthusiastic over the prospect with IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, pouring cold water on the idea by suggesting that Malaysia was lacking in sporting achievements.

Now that the lack of sporting achievements can be compensated for in another way, Prime Minister Mahathir plans to set up an Olympic Enticement Council to study matters in more detail. It has been proposed that the Council should also investigate the bribery of time-keepers and umpires to produce a "golden shower" for Malaysian athletes.

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