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15 October 1998

Note: Print and distribute widely

Obviously Mahathir Muhammad is persistent in trying to mislead the people of this country, to fall into his planned trap. His accusation against “certain groups” of plotting “chaos” in the country, must be taken seriously as a warning that it is he who intends to create a chaotic situation that will give him justification to take sterner and more brutal actions against all those who would not bow to him in absolute subservience. He is a very sick man, and mentally totally unsound. He expects the entire population to cheer him, and shout “hail Mahathir!!!!!!”.

It is Mahathir’s way to be away from the country whenever  there are problems to be faced. He will be leaving for Tokyo this Thursday, and he would have given definite instructions to the heads of relevant government machinery and selected cabinet ministers what actions to take and how to deal with further demonstrations by those who would not submit to his tyranny. He is no doubt aware there is not the slightest intention on the part of the demonstrators to create any chaotic situation. They are disciplined peace loving citizens wishing to claim their basic rights and freedom befitting human dignity. Some of us may still remember the Baling, Memali tragedy. The order to attack the helpless people was signed by Mahathir himself, but at the time of the tragedy he was away in China. In this way he can disown any blame.

Let us hope a similar tragedy will not be repeated. This Saturday there may be another mammoth demonstration in Kuala Lumpur by the disciplined and peace loving freedom fighters against tyranny, in the usual orderly and passive manner. But please do not rule out the possibility of the police becoming more aggressive and brutal in dealing with the crowd and many more innocent people will be arrested. They (the police) may be instructed to use every possible means to create a situation that would lead to serious chaos. Mahathir will then be asked to rush back, and he will request the Agong to declare a state of emergency. NOC type of government will be formed with Mahathir at the head. Should this happen, the prospect of democracy, human rights, civil liberties, rule of law, freedom of expression and the press in this country will be buried forever. Please take heed, as Mahathir’s cruelty and atrocity must always be anticipated.

It is indeed sad to see that it is for the first time in this country that people of all races, colour creed and religion fully realise that they have common ideals to share, which are worth fighting for. Mahathir’s tyranny and Anwar’s sacrifice and suffering brought about this realisation.