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Subject: MCA's New Symbol for the Next Millenium
Date: 10 Dec 1998 02:08:02 GMT
From: "Jasper" <Jasper@my-dejanews.com>
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KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR) 10 DEC --The MCA Central Committee has decided to
jettison its sunburst symbol for a new one that depicts a grinning sheep's head with rolls of ringgit sticking out of its ears.

In unveiling the new image to the public at a press conference today at Wisma MCA, Party President Datuk Seri Ling Liong Sik said that the MCA was in need of a fresh symbol to express the challenges of the next millenium. A sheep, he explained, denotes meekness, obedience and follow-the-leader, qualities that will be needed to pull the country from the current economic and political crisis and achieve Vision 2020.

According to Datuk Ling, 90% of Chinese in Malaysia recognise that any form of dissent and disagreement with the government would not be to the national good. In an apparent reference to DAP, he remarked, "We don't want to be like a certain party, always shooting off their mouths like a rocket, opposing this and that in a manner that will endanger national security. On the other hand, sheep-like qualities will generate so much economic wealth that it'll literally be coming out of our ears."

Datuk Ling took objection to an observer in the room shouting, "Out of your cronies' ears, more like it!" and asked for the man to be ejected. After this was done, the conference continued smoothly.

Datuk Ling further revealed that the MCA Central Committee had deliberated long and hard over the choice of a new symbol. They had considered several animal heads including that of Dog (faithfulness to the leader), Parrot (repeating after the leader) and Chicken (obvious reasons). However, it had finally came down to either Pig or Sheep. Some Central Committee members had strongly favoured Pig as a fitting party symbol advising Chinese to "cari makan" and "not involve themselves in political matters" as,
otherwise, "they could get slaughtered." But after much debate, it was felt that Pig would be inappropriate in a predominately Muslim country, so the honour fell to Sheep.

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