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MAHATHIR'S MOST DIABOLICAL AND EVIL PLAN, ABORTED: This was a secret shared between Mahathir (the prime minister), Rahim Noor (the inspector general of police) and Eusoffe Chin (the ketua hakim). It was Mahathir's instruction to Rahim Noor that, upon his arrest Anwar was to be mentally tormented and brutalised in order to weaken and subdue his spirit.

The extent of the brutality was not to be beyond an appearance of self-infliction, but sufficient to give an appearance of mental state of depression. Owing to the secret nature of the plan, Rahim Noor decided to execute the instruction personally.  He was overcome by his strong sadistic inclination, and as a result, the injury sustained by Anwar was far beyond the appearance of self-infliction. For this reason, Anwar's first appearance in court was delayed.

If the injury could be disguised as being self-inflicted, and Anwar's spirit could be tamed and subdued, the plan was to assassinate Anwar in his cell, leaving the body in suicidal posture. Further enquiries would have "proved" that Anwar had committed suicide, with the explanation that an intense sense of guilt and shame might have caused his severe state of mental depression.

The mishandling of the situation by Rahim Noor angered Mahathir, and for several days Rahim Noor was not allowed to make any public appearances. Despite Anwar's black eye and heavy bruises, Mahathir would still find it fit to suggest self-infliction.

Fortunately the mental torment and physical torture had not affected Anwar's spirit and mental alertness. On his request, the sessions court judge presiding during the hearing, allowed him to make a statement as to how he was brutalised under police custody. The severe physical injury sustained by Anwar was quite obvious to all present in the courtroom, and it was logical and proper for the judge in question to allow the statement. Knowingly or unknowingly, it was her (the judge's) unbiased sense of justice that might have saved Anwar's life. Once again Mahathir became furious. This made it necessary for Eusoffe Chin (ketua hakim) to immediately transfer her from a criminal court to a civil court.

It was indeed sad to see Anwar having to go back to the police cell after the hearing, when the cell should be occupied by the three would be conspiring assassins.

Mahathir is aware that as long as Anwar is around, his authoritative power is threatened. A democratic society upholding human rights, civil liberties, justice for all, rule of law, freedom of expression, eradication of corruption and nepotism, etc, are social values he can never accept. But, these are the social values Anwar emphasises in his idea of reformation, gaining popular support from all, irrespective of colour, race and religion. It is disgustingly irresponsible on the part of Mahathir and his deputy home minister to misconstrue these social values and rights as racial in character. Obviously they are attempting to create suspicion and discord between communities of our plural society. Be very alert, and avoid falling into Mahathir's deceitful trap.

To consolidate his position, he may now feel the need to create social unrest, so that he can declare a state of emergency that could offer him total dictatorial power. As it is, the separation of power between the executive, the police and the judiciary is already non-existent. Anwar's trials are a foregone conclusion. The judges have been handpicked, and they have been advised of the charges where Anwar will have to be found guilty. For this reason Justice Augustine Paul cannot afford to have official
observers as the hearing. If he is able to conduct the hearings without fear or favour, he should take pride in being able to demonstrate to the world, through the prominent official observers, the true independence of the Malaysian judiciary.

It is more than obvious that the entire government instruments and machinery are under the control of one man, Mahathir. He manages the country in the manner of a sole proprietor of a company, dispensing generous benefits only to his family members,
cronies and stalwarts, at the expense of the people.

An insider
Jalan Dato Onn & Seri Perdana
Kuala Lumpur

(Received by email on Saturday 14 Nov 1998. -- Webmaster)

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