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Subject: Reason Investigation Has Not Been Disclosed
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 17:32:19 GMT
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The public knows that on the night of 20th September 1998, when the Special Branch Unit of the police detained brother Anwar, he was brought out of his house without being handcuffed. This is actually trickery to deceive the people that were gathered in the front yard of his house into believing that the police were treating him well.

Halfway through the journey, the car carrying brother Anwar went missing and was separated from the car that was ferrying his wife and children.

Wan Azizah and children arrived at Bukit Aman (police HQ) dejected. They were only able to meet with brother Anwar on the first day that he was brought to court, with a swollen eye.

According to information we received, midway through the journey, Anwar was actually transferred to another police vehicle to be brought to Bukit Aman through a different gateway.

He arrived at Bukit Aman in handcuffs, unlike when he was first brought out of his house, and he was led to a place where his name and personal particulars were recorded.

Anwar was subsequently thrown into a lockup on the top floor, with his hands still handcuffed. Immediately afterwards, a police personnel came to his lockup.

He took off brother Anwar’s glasses and covered his head with a head covering normally reserved for criminals that that are about to be hanged to death.

Brother Anwar was ordered to stand and suddenly there came three high-ranking police officers, Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor (National Police Head), Dato' Yusuf Said (Deputy Director of Internal Security and Public Order) and Dato' Yaakob Amin (Director of CID).

Their names are recorded in the visitors’ record book of those who visited brother Anwar that night.

To avoid being heard by Anwar, Rahim Noor without making a sound, hit the corner of Anwar’s left eye with a hard punch. He has waited a long time to take revenge on Anwar, with whom he is angry. Anwar fell to the ground and was writhing in pain.

Anwar’s agonizing cries was heard by the guard on duty outside the lockup. Yusuf Said then followed with a few body hits, before Yaakob Amin took his place and kicked Anwar, who by then has been reduced to a jellyfish.

Anwar was no longer moving and it is believed that he fainted until the next morning.

In the morning of the next day, a police officer visited that particular lockup to do a routine check with no knowledge of the incident that had befallen Anwar the night before.

He was surprised to find Anwar lying with his hands in cuffs and head covered. Upon investigating, he also found Anwar’s face and nose bloodied.

Anwar had not fully regained consciousness. On humanitarian grounds, the officer wiped off the blood that flowed from Anwar’s face and nose.

He then contacted Dato' Ramli Yusoff (Deputy Director II, CID) to inform him of Anwar’s injuries. Ramli ordered an investigation to be conducted.

Unfortunately, when Rahim Noor found out, he directed Dato’ Ahmad Taib (Deputy
Director I, CID) to take over the job of Dato’ Ramli.

The excuse given was that Dato’ Ramli had been photographed with Anwar before and this may lead to accusations that Ramli may be biased and may not act fairly.

Regardless, this story has been on the lips of many, especially among the police community.

It is believed that the Investigation Committee, led by the Head of Malacca’s CID, has also found the above story to be true indeed.

Due to the fact that Mahathir did not feel at ease with the report compiled by the committee, to this day, it has not been revealed. To salvage the police institution, Mahathir has directed Rahim Noor not to make anymore press conference with regards to the Anwar case.

Sources say that while Anwar was being brutalized that night, Mahathir who was also at Bukit Aman had given his full blessing to the mistreatment of Anwar.

Mahathir was believed to have actually wanted Anwar killed that night because he had already prepared an answer, which was “Anwar committed suicide,” much like his reply that Anwar had self-inflicted his own wounds when asked about Anwar’s swollen eyes.

Legal experts commented that since an individual is in police detention, therefore his safety is the responsibility of the police. If he were to die while in police detention, even though he may very well have committed suicide, the police can be charged for negligence.

According to a source close to Bukit Aman, in order to restore the integrity of the police force, it is believed that Mahathir will not renew Rahim Noor’s service. Mahathir, in order to repay Rahim for his good deeds toward him, will find another policeman to be a scapegoat. The scapegoat will be paid a few thousand ringgit to admit that it was him who hit and punched Anwar.

Nevertheless, many are of the opinion that given the incidences of police brutality towards the public, particularly in Kampung Baru not too long ago, the integrity of the police is almost impossible to recover, at least not in the near future.

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