In less than a months' time, we have seen the due process of law abused,
the ISA used to silence dissent, the use of the government machinery
towards individual political ends, gross control and manipulation of the
media and an erosion in the rakyat's confidence in the independence and
integrity of the judiciary.

Supporters of the Reformasi Movement must focus on these key issues.
Do not resort to 'their' tactics of going into every gory, disgusting
detail of their accusations and allegations. These have to be decided
upon by a free and independent court of law - based upon the natural
laws of justice and fairness, the rule of law and the due process of
law. That is what you have to struggle for - that every Malaysian,
whether you are a dispatch clerk, farmer or the Deputy Prime Minister -
is innocent of a crime until proven guilty by a court of law.  Not
"guilty until proven innocent."

Dato' Seri Anwar has already been proven guilty by a far more powerful
court. He has already been sentenced by the ISA. Up to now, in various
ways, he and his supporters are being denied the right to voice their
opinions and the chance to prove his innocence. Struggle for your right
to be heard.

Focus on these issues and nothing else. Leave it to others to talk
about penises and anuses.

You must also offer an alternative - and this where reform comes in. For
what we have seen over this past month are just the symptoms of an even
bigger disease. Genuine reform is necessary for our country - now more
than anytime else. We have arrived at a crossroads in the history of our
country. We can keep on the familiar road of break-neck, unbridled
development, at all costs, to the detriment of social justice and
equality, political freedoms and environmental concerns. Or we can take
the road of sustained and sustainable development, where social
development progresses in pace with economic development.

The reform must be comprehensive and include all spheres - political,
social and economic. Offer the rakyat a Programme of Action for the
Reformasi Movement:

1. Call for the immediate repeal of the Internal Security Act

2. Abrogate all other laws, acts and regulations that violate human
rights and the principles of freedom and justice such as the Official
Secrets Act, Printing and Publications Act, University and University
Colleges Act, Trades Union Act, Industrial Relations Act and Societies

3. Call for the immediate and unconditional release of all ISA
detainees. If there is evidence that these detainees have broken the
law, they should be afforded due process of law in open court.

4. Ensure a judiciary system that is completely independent, transparent
and places justice and public interest above all else, with judges of
unimpeachable credentials.

5. All cases of arbitrariness or abuse in the judiciary system and
breakdown of the due process of law must be investigated and dealt with,
without fear or favour.

6. Call for the establishment a system of government that is truly
democratic and ensures active participation by all sectors of the
rakyat, including the involvement of political and non-political
organisations or their representatives at all levels of national

7. Encourage the formation and development of people's organisations,
non-governmental organisations and political parties

8. Immediately curtail the involvement of political parties, public
servants and elected representatives of the people in business to
eradicate cronyism and nepotism.

9. Expel members of political parties (including elected representatives
of the rakyat) where there is strong evidence that they are involved in
money politics

10. Bestow more powers to the Anti-Corruption Agency and place it under
the immediate jurisdiction of Parliament

11. Redouble efforts to eradicate urban and rural poverty and shift
renewed emphasis to development in the fields of education, health and

12. Review all privatisation and corporatisation projects and the use of
public funds in megaprojects to ensure they benefit the rakyat

13. Shift emphasis from the development of large-scale industries and
megaprojects to the promotion and development of small and medium-scale

14. Channel public funds used in or earmarked to privatised projects and
megaprojects towards low cost housing projects that will ensure
adequate, comfortable and safe homes for people with low and middle

15. Retain public ownership of essential services such as water,
electricity, health, public transport and sewerage

16. Ensure that Bumiputra privileges are used for the benefit of the
poor, working and middle classes and not just a handful of wealthy and
politically influential individuals

17. Uphold the position of Islam as the country's official religion and
uphold its principles of social justice, equality, tolerance and
brotherhood - while guaranteeing the complete freedom of religion and
belief to every citizen in the country in the true spirit of tolerance.

Reformists, you role now is to educate and make the rakyat aware of
their rights. Educate them on the above points. Produce print material -
flyers, leaflets, pamphlets - on all the pints above, in simple language
which people of all races and backgrounds can understand. Give informal
talks. Get the help of NGOs and other support groups - they have many
years experience struggling for the same issues you are championing now
- but you now have the numbers.

Use the Internet. Use the fax machine. Use the photocopier. These are
the new tools of reformation.

We are entering a phase of intense political guerrilla warfare now. All
means - fair and foul - will be used to discredit, tarnish and stain the
Reformasi Movement. Rumours will be spread in your name. Violence will
be incited in your name. Lies will be spread in your name. Your ranks
will be infiltrated and your work sabotaged.

But just stick to the issues in question and to your reformation
programme and operate within the rule of law that you are championing.

And believe that God is on your side and that Justice will prevail.

For God knows the Truth and to Him do we return.

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Sabri Zain
September 1998

"Dan jika ia berdosa, sebesar-besar dosanya pun,
jangan difadhihatkan, dinista dengan katakata
yang jahat" - 'Sejarah Melayu' at http://malaya.cjb.net