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Subject: Justice Raped and Sodomized in Malaysia
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 12:12:24 GMT
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What do Guan Eng, Sukma, Munawar, Nalla and Anwar
have in common?

They are the latest victims in a judicial system gone amok. A system which has been bashed, beaten and knocked on the head too many times until it is torn, bleeding and covered with scars. A system which has become a political tool instead of serving as a check and balance on the executive.

These cases have insulted the intelligence and outraged many Malaysians. Guan Eng was jailed 18 months for speaking out for an underaged girl who had been raped by a political bigwig. All he did was to criticize the Attorney-General’s decision to prosecute the victim while the rapist was allowed to go scott-free. Sukma and Munawar were convicted in kangaroo trials lasting half an hour on the basis of their so-called confessions. Would anybody willingly confess to the humiliation of being in a homosexual
relationship and earn a jail sentence? Being ridiculous has not stopped the A-G’s chambers from using the judiciary to serve his political masters.

Just as ridiculous was Datuk Nalla’s case. For a technical breach of a permit for keeping 125 lousy bullets which should have merited no more than a fine, he was arrested, denied bail, charged under the ISA which carries the mandatory death penalty, physically abused, mentally tortured and was finally sentenced to 42 months jail bruised, battered and sick. And this is a man who is a prominent member of society and a director of 4 public listed companies. No decent Malaysians can reconcile his treatment and harsh sentence with his “crime”. The A-G has not seen fit to explain how possession of 125 unlicensed bullet by a responsible family man who has a gun and a gun permit can be
construed as a “threat to national security”.

For Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the circus of his trial continues. We have a
judge who at times seems to be part of the prosecution rather than an
impartial judge. “Not relevant” seems to be his favourite ruling to the
defense as he tries his best to hold the prosecution’s case together with
string and glue. The longer the trial continues the more the Malaysian
judiciary is disgraced.

Malaysians must reject the destruction and abuse of the judiciary as a strong independent judiciary is one of the cornerstones of democracy. Those who are more concerned with wealth and money should bear in mind that prosperity will be destroyed as the country slides into abject tyranny as corruption, cronyism and nepotism suck away the country’s wealth without any checks and balances. Malaysians must ensure that they use their vote wisely in the coming General Elections and deny the incumbent government a mandate to run amok at the expense of the people.

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