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4.  The Australian Reform Page

Author's words: This webpage is dedicated to the people who believe in the struggle of the truth...

"The power is with the people, not with two and three
leaders, not with senior officials, not with corporate
leaders,the real power is with the people, those who are
brave to demand their rights and brave to demand
reform and changes." -anwar ibrahim-

30 Oct 1998

3. For Truth and Justice

The Webauthor's letter to Datin Seri Wan Azizah:

I am writing to inform you of a different kind of website that was created for
the cause of truth and justice. Just like other Malaysian, I am trying to do
my part in any possible but safest way. And I came out with this. It's for
inspiration and a reason for keeping the hope, spirit and struggle alive. I
hope you can visit this link and perhaps what I have put up there could be an
inspiration not only to you and your family and Dato' Seri but all the people
of Malaysia. I fail to draw people to this website for reasons I myself dont
know of. But I still hope that website like this can penetrate and keep the
spirit among the younger generations of the country. There are letters for you
and Datuk Seri in there, even a card for the people who care for the truth and
the struggle. I am keeping myself spirited and motivated by contributing by
keeping the hope alive.

I wish you well, for your struggle is ours too and I pray for the best to
God Bless Malaysia.

for Truth and Justice
October 1998

16 Oct 1998

2. Berteknologi Keadilan

Look at Issue No. 1

Look at Berteknologi Keadilan Archives

"The daily email newsletter (5 days per week, commencing October 15th 1998) brings to you discussion and news on Malaysian Human, Civil, Economic & Political Rights
issues. In view of heavy media censorship & editorial "guidance" by government in
Malaysia, the newsletter will bring you:

     Hyperlinked references from reputable international media outlets,
     Coverage of major issues being discussed in internet Newsgroups & Forums,
     Extracts of interviews we have with key players in the Reformasi related groups in
     Malaysia and abroad,
     Particular emphasis will be given to the persecution, mistreatment and
     injustice being suffered by Datuk Anwar Ibrahim, his family and associates
     for their pursuit of Reformasi ideals,
     Information on *safe & anonymous* internet use, to prevent Government
     operatives tracing your internet activities,
     Action strategies *YOU* can follow to bring about Reformasi changes in Malaysia.

"Berteknologi Keadilan recognises that the scope of Reformasi is not limited to any
particular race or religious creed. If ever there was a true common cause between
Malays, Chinese, Indians & others living in Malaysia, and if ever there was a true
common cause between Muslim, Christian, Buddist, Sikh and other religions within
Malaysia, that cause is TRUE REFORMASI. It transcends race or religion, and is about
those Political, Civil, Economic and Human Rights for *ALL* people.

"We at Berteknologi Keadilan have gone to great length and expense in utilising encryption technology, multiple redundant servers & routers networked over several continents, in countries where freedom of speech is respected, to ensure that the Information Technology Police of any Authoritarian Government will *never* discover our identity, or the identity of our subscribers, contributors, information sources & supporters."

15 Oct 1998

1. SAKSI The People Accuse

The People Accuse

                           SAKSI is a site for independent
                      journalism. Our first issue focuses on
                         September 20, 1998 when a massive
                    demonstration took place in Kuala Lumpur.
                    Features, opinions, photography and other
                      stories analyse and document the events
                      of the day and subsequent developments.
                        SAKSI is a monthly magazine that is
                                  constantly updated.

15 Oct 1998

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